finnickdair replied to your post: after being 90% sure i failed, passed …

yay!! congratulations!

thanks lovely!! x

after being 90% sure i failed, passed my driving test whaat!!!!!!


My Mom just accidentally prematurely sent an email to an accounting firm… It was supposed to say ‘I am afraid that we will have to postpone our meeting”

but she hit send when all it said was

Hi Jeffrey,
      I am afraid


I often romanticize about these types of train rides.

Bryan LeungHuman Flow, 2013
Actresses get stupid questions asked of them all the time, like, ‘How do you stay sexy?’ or ‘What’s your sexiest quality?’ All these ridiculous things you would never ask a man.
Scarlett Johansson, once again showing the amount of fucks she gives for the media (via the-fury-of-a-time-lord)